Björk Pisses Off China

Björk Pisses Off China
Björk's passionate politics have raised the hackles of Chinese fans after the eccentric experimental pop star shouted "Tibet! Tibet!" at the climax of politically charged single, "Declare Independence," to end her concert in Shanghai on Sunday.

It's pretty damn taboo to mention China's rule over Tibet while on Chinese soil and Björk's unexpected outburst attracted rare public attention to the situation. Predictably, the Chinese news media made no mention of Björk's statement but online sites quickly filled with angry public outcry.

"If she really did this, then this woman really makes people throw up," read one comment on popular Chinese website

Audience members were apparently made uneasy by Björk's contentious politics but remained polite nonetheless, forgoing boos, but wasting no time in exiting the Shanghai International Gymnastic Centre at the show's end.

"The atmosphere was very strange, uncomfortable compared to the rest of the concert," said audience member Stephan Gow, a British teacher living in Shanghai.

China-based concert promoter, Emma Ticketmaster, had no comment.

Björk has used "Declare Independence" as a political anthem in support of various causes, including Denmark's occupation of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but it's the first time she's tackled a sticky political situation within the actual country in question.