Björk "Cosmogony" (live on 'Colbert')

Björk 'Cosmogony' (live on 'Colbert')
Last night (January 31), The Colbert Report got a dose of weird when Björk stopped by the political talk show for an interview and a performance of "Cosmogony" from last year's Biophilia.

In typical Stephen Colbert style, the five-minute interview is as much about him as it is about his subject, and the funnyman spends most of the conversation cracking jokes. But eventually they get around to talking about Biophilia, and Colbert plays around with the album's iPad app.

Things get less funny when Björk performs "Cosmogony," as she sings the haunting tune while flanked by a troupe of backup singers. Okay, well her puffy blue outfit and massive red hair are still pretty funny. Watch below.

Thanks to The Audio Perv for the tip.