Björk Reveals Details of Multi-Format Voltaic Box Set

Björk Reveals Details of Multi-Format <i>Voltaic</i> Box Set
Björk fans fed up with the time it takes between her masterful, high-concept albums, take note. On June 23, the Icelandic princess will be releasing Voltaic, a companion to her lauded 2007 album Volta. The box, which will be hitting via Nonesuch in North America, will include audio and video supplements, including live versions and remixes.

As seems to be the case lately, the set will be available for purchase in five different sets. One option is a live CD recorded at London's Olympic Studios. Then there's the Olympic Studios CD bundled with a live DVD of Volta performances in Paris and Reykjavik. Then there's that CD and DVD set with another CD of remixes from Simian Mobile Disco, Matthew Herbert, and many more, along with a second DVD featuring all the Volta music videos. If you really feel like a big spender, there's the two CDs and DVDs, along with three vinyl records containing all of the tracks on the CDs. Or you could simply buy the Olympic Studios recordings on one vinyl record.

You can wade through the tracklists and figure out what you want below.

Voltaic: Songs From The Volta Tour (live at Olympic Studios):

1. "Wanderlust (live)"
2. "Hunter (live)"
3. "Pleasure Is All Mine (live)"
4. "Innocence (live)"
5. "Army of Me (live)"
6. "I Miss You (live)"
7. "Earth Intruders (live)"
8. "All Is Full of Love (live)"
9. "Pagan Poetry (live)"
10. "Vertebrae by Vertebrae (live)"
11. "Declare Independence (live)"

Voltaic: Songs From The Volta Tour live DVD:

1. "Brennio Pio Vitar (live in Paris)"
2. "Earth Intruders (live in Paris)"
3. "Hunter (live in Paris)"
4. "Immature (live in Paris)"
5. "Joga (live in Paris)"
6. "Pleasure Is All Mine (live in Paris)"
7. "Vertebrae by Vertebrae (live in Paris)"
8. "Where Is the Line (live in Paris)"
9. "Who Is It (live in Paris)"
10. "Desired Constellation (live in Paris)"
11. "Army of Me (live in Paris)"
12. "Bachelorette (live in Paris)"
13. "Wanderlust (live in Paris)"
14. "Hyperballad (live in Paris)"
15. "Pluto (live in Paris)"
16. "Declare Independence (live in Paris)"
17. "Pneumonia (live in Reykjavik)"
18. "My Juvenile (live in Reykjavik)"
19. "Vokuro (live in Reykjavik)"
20. "Sonnets / Unrealities XI (live in Reykjavik)"
21. "Mouths Cradle (live in Reykjavik)"

Music video DVD:

1. "Earth Intruders" (dir. Michel Ocelot)
2. "Declare Independence" (dir. Michel Gondry)
3. "Innocence v.1" (dir. competition winners Fred & Annabelle)
4. "Wanderlust" (dir.
5. "The Dull Flame of Desire" (dir. masahiro mogari / marcal cuberta junca / christoph dominik jantos)
6. "The Making of "Declare Indepedence"" (dir. Johnny Moreno)
7. "The Making of "Wanderlust"" (dir. Eli Stonberg)
8. "Innocence v.2" (dir. Davood Saghiri)
9. "Innocence v.3" (dir. Dimitri Stankowicz)
10. "Innocence v.4" (dir. ɉtienne Strubbe)
11. "Innocence v.5" (dir. Julien Himmer)
12. "Innocence v.6" (dir. Laurent Labouille)
13. "Innocence v.7" (dir. Mario Caporali)
14. "Innocence v.8" (dir. Mik o_o Armellino)
15. "Innocence v.9" (dir. Renato Klieger & Terracotta)
16. "Innocence v.10" (dir. Roland Matusek)

The remixes:

1. "Earth Intruders (Spank Rock)"
2. "Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco 12")"
3. "Declare Independence (Matthew Herbert 12")"
4. "Wanderlust (Ratatat)"
5. "The Dull Flame of Desire (modeselektor's RMX for girls)"
6. "Earth Intruders (lexx)"
7. "Innocence (Sinden)"
8. "Declare Independence (Ghostigital in Deep End Dance 12")"
9. "The Dull Flame of Desire (modeselektor's RMX for boys)"
10. "Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel 12")"
11. "Declare Independence (Black Plus)"
12. "Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco dub)