Bitchin' Bajas

Transporteur EP

Bitchin' BajasTransporteur EP
With a runtime of over 30 minutes, Transporteur — the latest outing from Bitchin' Bajas — should really be considered a full-length release, rather than an EP. Even though the Chicago trio are only offering four tracks of their psychedelic stew, the shortest clocks in at a whopping six-and-a-half minutes. Considering that their previous release — a self-titled double-LP on Drag City — was also epic in length, it shouldn't be a surprise that these dudes are out to push the limits. And limits they push, not merely in length, but also in the depth of their output.
"Rias Baixas" pulses like starlight, with synths that explode and burst apart into atmospheric clouds, while "Planète T" explores the fallout from what came before, drifting ever downward like drug-laced snowflakes. On the flip, "Marimba" bounces and shifts its way from a studio in 1970s Germany to the outer reaches of the solar system some time in the future. Things get really funky, though, when "No Tabac" enters the fray, and a loose saxophone rips apart the space-time continuum. It's a thrilling way to close out a stellar effort from these synth-loving psychonauts. (Hands in the Dark)
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