Bitch Magnet Detail Massive Reissue Package, Add Reunion Shows

Bitch Magnet Detail Massive Reissue Package, Add Reunion Shows
A few months back, we learned that not only were post-punks Bitch Magnet getting back together this year for a reunion show at All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead, UK this December, but that their back catalogue would be getting a revamp via a remastered package containing all of the band's albums. While we already knew that Temporary Residence was lining up a triple LP/CD package combining their albums Star Booty, Umber and Ben Hur, we didn't know what exactly the extra goodies were going to be until now.

A press release explains that along with the three full-lengths, the package includes previously unreleased early versions of Umber songs "Punch and Judy, "Joan of Arc," "Big Pining," and "Joyless Street," recorded nearly a year before the sessions for the band's landmark second album. Also included are rare tunes "Sadie" and "White Piece of Bread." You can check out the details below.

The reissue of Star Booty, Umber and Ben Hur comes out December 6.

Bitch Magnet have also announced a couple more gigs, with performances booked in Seoul and Tokyo in November and an additional UK gig on December 13. These will be Bitch Magnet's first shows since December 1990. You can check the details on the band's Facebook page. Unfortunately, Bitch Magnet have yet to announce any North American gigs.

LP / DISC 1 (Ben Hur):

1. "Dragoon"
2. "Valmead"
3. "Ducks and Drakes"
4. "Mesentery"
5. "Lookin' At The Devil"
6. "Gator"
7. "Spite y Malice"
8. "Crescent"
9. "White Piece of Bread"*
10. "Sadie"*

  LP / DISC 2 (Umber):

1. "Motor"
2. "Navajo Ace"
3. "Clay"
4. "Joan of Arc"
5. "Douglas Leader"
6. "Goat-Legged Country God"
7. "Big Pining"
8. "Joyless Street"
9. "Punch and Judy"
10. "Americruiser"
11. "Motor" (louder mix)**

  LP / DISC 3 (Pre-Umber recordings and Star Booty):

1. "Punch and Judy"**
2. "Joan of Arc"**
3. "Big Pining"**
4. "Joyless Street"**
5. "Sadie"**
6. "Carnation"
7. "C Word"
8. "Sea of Pearls"
9. "Hatpins"
10. "Knucklehead"
11. "Circle K"
12. "Polio"
13. "Cantaloupe"

  * non-LP track
** previously unreleased

Bitch Magnet - Mesentery by Big Hassle Media