Bishop Morocco 'Old Boys' (EP stream)

Bishop Morocco'Old Boys' (EP stream)
With their 2010 self-titled debut, Toronto's Bishop Morocco earned the attention of the esteemed Arts & Crafts thanks to their homespun new wave sound. Having got signed the label, the band have now switched up their formula for the EP Old Boys, due out March 13. Before the six-track collection officially arrives, you can listen to the whole thing on

So what changes did the band make? For one, founding members James Sayce and Jake Fairley brought in Ian Worang on guitar and Jon McCann on drums. These new collaborators helped the band to branch out stylistically, and a press release notes that Old Boys downplays the Factory Records influence in favour of a "thicker, more contemplative sound."

The EP was recorded in the guest bedroom at Fairley's mother's house. It's reportedly "loaded with smart electronic instrumentation and richly textured melodies."

Take a listen below, and if you happen to be in Toronto on March 8, head to Wrongbar to catch the band's EP release show with Absolutely Free and the Yardlets.