Bisc1 When Electric Night Falls

"Electric night” refers to the artificially lit nights of the modern era, and Bisc1’s over-arching concept of what occurs during that period for those who thrive off the power of night time is interesting. Bisc raps about the creative hours of "Night Fall” and late night graffiti writing, reminisces on past decisions, opens up about love and analyses the slowly building chaos of a new day. However, unless you know what the concept is, it is far from obvious and can be easily missed. Bisc is a good rapper, but aside from his concepts, he doesn’t stand out from the pack of underground MCs. Still, his beats are pretty slick, a solid selection of head-nodding boom-bap with change-ups and creative sample selections. Especially noteworthy are the grandiose "Turbulence,” complete with synth effects and a melodic chant, the dark, bass-heavy synth of "Paranoid” and the Koto-sampling "Sidelines.” When Electric Night Falls may not be of classic status but the creative beats and interesting concept certainly make it a worthwhile listen. (Embedded)