Birdy Supernominal Parapernalia

Birdy is a five-piece NYC rock outfit fronted by one Stephanie Seymour (no, not the supermodel). Their debut, produced by ex-dB’s Gene Holder, Supernominal Parapernalia passes by in the blink of an eye. It kicks off with “High As the Sun,” a sublime three minute pop song featuring some blistering guitar and swell harmony vocals. Though it never reaches those heights again, the rest of the album offers a pleasing balance of pop and garage. Among these are “Letter Never Sent” (not the R.E.M. song), “My Brave Song” (not the Costello/McCartney song), and “In My Dreams” (not the Debbie Gibson song). Seymour has an appealing voice that only stretches its limits on the country song “One Pretty Mess” — Maria McKee she ain’t. She is a pretty cool rock chick, equal parts tough and tender, backed by a spirited band. (Cropduster)