Birdman Weighs In on Drake and Lil Wayne Full-Length, Reminds Jay-Z and Kanye to Watch the Throne

Birdman Weighs In on Drake and Lil Wayne Full-Length, Reminds Jay-Z and Kanye to Watch the Throne
This morning's (August 12) leaked Lil Wayne cut "She Will" wasn't the first time the rapper collaborated on a track with his Young Money pal Drake, and it looks as if it definitely won't be the last. Following the release of this week's mega-hyped Jay-Z/Kanye West joint Watch the Throne, father figure/rap mogul Birdman is reminding us that Weezy and Drizzy are working on a full-length album together, too.

While we heard about the prospects of this album way back last summer, we've been left in the dark of late about when the thing will actually surface. Just in case you thought the album was a no-go, Birdman confirmed that it's still happening.

"Wayne and I recently talked about [the Lil Wayne/Drake collaboration album]," Birdman told XXL. "That's definitely going to get done."

Though there aren't any firm details as to when the album will actually come out, rumour has it that the record will arrive sometime in the near future. What we can expect, at least going by Birdman's word, is that the Young Money team-up better reflects the new generation of rap than Watch the Throne.

"It's older versus younger," he said. "I listened to a few songs [off Watch the Throne] and it feels like an older feel to me. I think with Drake and Wayne, they young. They young cats. You got 23 and 28. Then you got Jay-Z and them, who are older and really on their way out the game. Then you got Wayne and Drake and them, who are still youthful to the game. So, it's two different types of music all the way across the board."

On the on hand, comparing the pairs is a bit of an apples and oranges scenario, but we're pretty sure that's a diss on Jigga and Ye. Birdman backtracked a bit, though, and sort of saluted the rap vets.

"But what they're doing is great," he added. "I think it's great for the game, great for the business, great for retail as a whole. I just think when Wayne and Drake get together is going to be something real special also because we more youthful."

You can listen to Lil Wayne's "She Will" below.