Bird Sang Song Give This To My Children

The Bird Sang Song definitely have proud fathers. Somewhere, on lunch breaks, each father of this Edmonton, AB four-piece are saying to their colleagues, "My boy has a good head on his shoulders." Not only do the Bird Sang Song utilize pop folk clichés throughout Give This To My Children with genuine subtlety (gang vocals and the like), they maintain a respect for the kind of earthy roots rock that hardnosed older men hold very dear to their hearts. What's more, the lyrics and general feel of the record implicate an honest and earnest state of mind. "Prairie Grudge Match" begins with some subtle finger picking, leading listeners to believe that this is the kind of band that prefer a happy ending. But the crash of the chorus means otherwise; the Bird Sang Song are not particularly happy campers. "Swimming," a standout track, stretches with ease into a heart-warming rise and fall that you could imagine being played on a rather large outdoor stage at sunset. Sonically, the Bird Sang Song may have lofty ambitions, but if they can preserve the blue-collar state of mind that shines through on the rumbling "Land Of The Free," they might really be onto something. (Independent)