Fractals of Derangement

BiopsyFractals of Derangement
Today's metal cyber-scene is so supersaturated with extreme acts from every corner of the globe that it's very easy for a truly great band to get lost in the shuffle. Ergo, the Transcending Obscurity label gets major kudos for earmarking Biopsy, from Mumbai, India, for our headbanging pleasure. Prefaced by an appropriate Hellraiser sample, "Hemolytic Crisis" is punctuated by guitarist Akshay Verma's brutally tasteful phrasing, while drummer Keshav Javadekar locks down all beats with clinical precision.
"Anatomical Reconstruction" and "Genesis" sport proggish musical structures à la Cannibal Corpse or Abysmal Dawn, while the blurring first minute of the title track is akin to Majesty and Decay-era Immolation and "Surgical Symmetry" spotlights frontman Shomeresh Shetty's talent for vomiting forth completely unintelligible vocals like Mortician or Devourment.
Biopsy are extremely talented metal fans that have created a near-perfect slab of tech-death; the solitary downside is that Fractals of Derangement is only 16 minutes long. (Transcending Obscurity)
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