Bionic Jive Armageddon Through Your Speaker

I don't know much about Bionic Jive, but I know this: Armageddon Through Your Speaker is a brilliant record. This Phoenix group writes every song as an epic, with lyrics that dive into places that other groups can't even dream of extracting concepts from. Songs like "Shut 'Em Down" and "I Shot Lucifer" are personal highlights (how can you not love a simple lyric like "I shot Lucifer/Christ compelled me?") but I can't find a song on this record I don't like. Even non-music commentaries like "Who's Your God Part I" draw you in, partially due to the characteristics of the vocals. Then there is the natural contrast of MCs Ako Mack and Emerg McVay, which leads to the realisation that guitarist Larry Luv has some God-like qualities. Currently touring with the likes of D-12, I pray for the day these boys come to town so I can see this live show. Bionic Jive kicked my ass once, please let's do it again! (Interscope)