Biolich The Space Between Home and Today

Started as a two-piece project from worshipping obscure Finnish band Demilich, Long Island, NY’s Biolich release their debut EP of technical death metal, hardcore, and experimental influences. Beginning with old-time-y radio static, opener "Morals Like Frozen Piss” boasts Will Smith’s incredible bathtub-drain gargle over the frenetically paced tech-metal like old Broken Hope mixed with Trivium, fading off into oblivion like We Are The Romans-era Botch. "Excessive Autumn Necrony” is more metalcore-tinged with melodic sections like Time In Malta, but Andrew Hock’s barbed guitar licks sink in the skin like faster Morgoth and Obituary. Featuring inhumanly rapid single-stroke rolls from drummer Tom Carey Jr., the hardcore-paced "Twin Faced Exorcism” borders on the crust-core of Phobia, though Hock steps in with more harmonics and feedback whines. "Time Kills Everything” recalls the eccentric nature of Need to Control-era Brutal Truth (and Kill Trend Suicide is reprised later in "Unfortunately They Don’t Allow Us To Store Bodies in the Dumpsters at Work”), while "Ikon Sumo” changes gears as an ambient cross between Mandible Chatter and Enya. With a wide swath of radical metal references, Biolich make necessary listening for fans of Necrophagist and Cryptopsy. (Paragon)