BioChemical Dread Bush Doctrine

Crystal Method meets Scanner meets WTO and Anti-U.S.A. Protesters with a strong dose of the Muslimgauze approach. Funky beats, loads of layered news audio footage, samples and groovable sounds make up this manifesto. Bush Doctrine addresses the injustices perpetuated by the American government, in particular the aggressive foreign and economic policy. Like another musical dissident, the late Muslimgauze, BioChemical Dread’s samples, liner art and track titles denote the artist’s agenda but the music itself is not overtly preachy. Interestingly the two also share the commonality of a predilection for beats, dub sounds and instrumental fragments. The music and rhythm of the album tends to be fairly slow and consistent until towards the end where "Indiana Cuba” is located, there the recording picks up and follows into the next track, "Zanderix” and finishes sounding like the Crystal Method with "I Got Weapons.” This is one Bush Doctrine I can agree with. (Cocosolidciti)