Billy Sheehan Compression

Ultra ballistic calibre bass guitar virtuoso Billy Sheehan (formerly of David Lee Roth's band and Mr. Big) confers with his many talents as a singer (sounding like Scott Weiland), realistic drum programmer and more to create a decent album of hardened, smooth rock music in which he puts a saw of edginess through each track. If anyone remembers the theme music for the TV series Magnum, P.I., then filter it through a futuristic remake of Dirty Harry, one that involves strip joints and is directed by Steve Vai. Not only does Vai make an appearance on the disc, so does the frighteningly talented drummer Terry Bozzio, who puts his obvious touch on the album's best number, "Oblivion." The feel weakens as the album goes on, making this sound more like one's rock portfolio gone a little too on the tired side. (Favored Nations)