Billy Klippert Naked and the Simple Truth

The only truth you’ll derive from this collection of modern rock tunes is that Billy Klippert needs a day job. This Canadian Idol third place finisher should have taken the hint after not finishing first in season one. His bland, Three Days Grace-like tunes do nothing other than prove that most of the acts on these glorified talent shows are lacking one major quality: talent. "Wretched Thing” was probably a leftover from TDG’s last recording sessions, while "Killing Me” is an unbearably, over-earnest mid-tempo number about a break-up, or regret, and the rest of the lyrics are just as clichéd. There’s really nothing redeeming here, not Klippert’s faux-anger, not his growl, and especially not his over-produced Nickelback-approved sound. I’ll take Kalan Porter over this Idol has-been any day. (Orange/Universal)