Billy the Kid and the Lost Boys Strong Like Prawn

Billy the Kid and the Lost Boys play feisty pop punk with an incisive sense of tunefulness. Strong Like Prawn offers consistent barbed melodies and exact instrumentation, along with an array of caustic lyrical discernment on tracks such as "Laid Off” and "Tyranny Of The Majority.” The band fuses levity with spite on "20 CCs Of Pop… Stat!” and "Thank You Drive Thru,” which offers an agile, rhythmic tempo and dynamic changes, in addition to a driving melody. "The Day The World Blew Up, ” one of the disc’s centrepieces, is an intricate song that adeptly moves from gentle understated notes to speaker-shattering howls. Strong Like Prawn is a well-formed collection of contemptuous and harmonious songs. (Teenage Rampage)