Billy Corgan Signs on to Produce New Sierra Swan Album

Billy Corgan Signs on to Produce New Sierra Swan Album
Billy Corgan fronts Smashing Pumpkins, works with a pro wrestling company, runs a tea shop and is working on a spiritual memoir, but the renaissance man recently took on yet another new project: producing the new album by songwriter Sierra Swan.

This isn't Corgan's first time in the producer's chair, but he said in a statement that this is the first time he's produced another artist in more than a decade. He's reportedly personal friends with Swan — according to the gossip sites, they used to date — who hasn't released an album since 2009's self-produced Girl Who Cried Wolf.

The album is written but not yet recorded, and Swan is funding the sessions through a PledgeMusic campaign. Watch a trailer for the campaign below, and learn more here.

The album was reportedly inspired by Swan's experiences becoming a mother, and was written while her husband was out of the house with their son.

Regarding her collaboration with Corgan, she said, "The role of a producer is so important and as an artist you want it to happen organically so when Billy reacted so positively to the songs I had written, I realized, it's time and this is the person. Luckily, he felt the same way. We have a wonderful connection in the confines of our friendship, through life, love, art, truth and of course, music. I trust his instincts and I know he trusts mine. There is a ton of respect forever present in our dynamic which keeps everything super real and honest."

Corgan said, "Sierra Swan's new songs are the best batch of material I've heard from any songwriter in forever."