Billy Corgan Disses Heckler On Stage in NYC

Billy Corgan Disses Heckler On Stage in NYC
The Smashing Pumpkins' two-night stint in New York City last week was fraught with criticism, receiving terrible reviews from Rolling Stone and Fluxblog, and attracting a great deal of heckling from the audience. Billy Corgan, being the kind, patient front-man he is, decided to invite a heckler from the first night on stage during the following night's performance.

A YouTube video of the events was uncovered, where the heckler criticizes the first night, saying the band "fucking sucked,” and rips into their song choices. When asked if he wants his money back, he says no, and as he’s leaving the stage Billy yells out, "By the way, I like that song you wrote — 'Take Your Dick Out Of My Ass And Stick It In My Mouth.' It was a big hit in Europe.”

Way to show him, Billy.

Billy Corgan invites heckler onstage
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