Billy Childish Hangman Communication 7”

The final instalment of the Kill Rock Stars’ Wordcore series, this release is a manifesto concerning the true nature of art and creativity according to British garage legend Billy Childish. The record is simply two sides of the wild Billy Childish talking over a repetitive guitar riff being played in the background. The recording is, of course, home made and lo-fi. It seems that Billy feels that the true artist is the amateur, not the professional, as the pro has a need to be respected and consistent, where as the person acting out of the pure creative urge has none of these self-censoring motivations. He feels that true art must always endeavour to fail and that as we grow older, we lose our natural impulse to be creative due to social ridicule and criticism. This places the critic in the role of the enemy of creativity and he has lots to say on that subject. A good release for tireless Childish collectors and people who want to know just what is on Billy’s mind. (Kill Rock Stars)