Billy Bragg to Record Album with Rosanne Cash

Billy Bragg to Record Album with Rosanne Cash
British protest singer Billy Bragg has been releasing solo albums for 30 years, but in the past couple, he's been as active as ever. Since releasing Mr. Love & Justice in 2008, he has toured, appeared before Canadian parliament and covered Joanna Newsom. Now, the prolific songwriter has set his sights on his next album.

Billboard reports that Bragg's next LP will be a collaboration with Johnny Cash's daughter, Rosanne. Although recording has not yet started, the pair are due to team up with producer Joe Henry in Los Angeles this November.

Unlike his solo albums, Bragg says he will allow his collaborators to call the shots during the upcoming sessions. He explained, "I spend a lot of time on my own records in the driver's seat, so it will be nice to sit back in [Henry's] basement with his musicians and Rosanne and sort of chip in and... riff off what the band are doing and what Joe and Rose want to do."

The collaborators came together when Bragg and Cash played at a Henry-curated song cycle in Ludwigsburger, Germany. There's no word on when their studio material will be released, but we can likely expect it sometime in 2011.

This isn't the first time Billy Bragg has teamed up with the daughter of an iconic songwriter. In the '90s, Woody Guthrie's daughter, Nora, approached him about setting some of her father's lyrics to music. This project resulted in the acclaimed Mermaid Avenue.