Bill Fay "This World" (ft. Jeff Tweedy) / "Jesus, Etc." (Wilco cover)

Bill Fay 'This World' (ft. Jeff Tweedy) / 'Jesus, Etc.' (Wilco cover)
As previously reported, elusive English folk artist Bill Fay is set to release Life Is People, his first new studio album in 41 years, next Tuesday (August 21) through Dead Oceans. When news first dropped of the LP, the record was being touted as "lush and expansive" and was to feature Fay backed by "cello, string quartet and a gospel choir, electric organs and pianos and a rich weave of acoustic and electric guitars." You can now get a taste of those mellow soundscapes down below via a couple of preview tracks.

Up first is "This World," a breezy cut riding on acoustic guitars, a steady rhythm and life-reflecting lyrics. The track also finds Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy chiming in on its verses. It makes sense, then, that the other track presented prior to the release date is a cover of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco cut "Jesus, Etc." Fay serves it up as a super-sorrowful piano ballad, and you can check out both below.