Bill Callahan Dishes More Details on Apocalypse

Bill Callahan Dishes More Details on <i>Apocalypse</i>
At the beginning of the month, singer-songwriter Bill Callahan announced that he was readying a new album for a spring release, but he didn't give us much more to go on beyond that. A crumpled-up Wild West-style poster scan revealed the album's title was Apocalypse and that it would drop on April 19 via Drag City, but the promotional poster didn't tip us to what the album's makeup was. Luckily, a press release issued today (February 22) has filled out the blanks quite nicely.

UPDATE: The album is now due out on April 5.

The PR explains that Apocalypse is a seven-song set that was recorded live in the studio. Apparently, the collection features raw, off-the-floor takes with "No cuts! Delectables and guts!"

The western theme runs whole hog in the press release, describing the ol' timey ways in which Callahan crafted the album.

"Callahan, riding on the back of his band, corrals them all and guides them single-handedly through the Valley with love and ferocity," it says of his new tunes.

A canyon-travelling album, Apocalypse rounds up a number of cuts that speak of days long past, and will have you wondering, "What has really happened in the last 100 years." Sounds kind of rustic.

Check out the tracklisting below.


1. "Drover"
2. "Baby's Breath"
3. "America!"
4. "Universal Applicant"
5. "Riding For The Feeling"
6. "Free's"
7. "One Fine Morning"