Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart and the Dodos Pay Tribute to Kath Bloom On New Album

Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart and the Dodos Pay Tribute to Kath Bloom On New Album
Despite spending over three decades in relative obscurity, Kath Bloom has pulled in quite the impressive list of artists for an upcoming tribute album. On Chapter Music's Loving Takes This Course: A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom, such artists as Bill Callahan, Mark Kozelek, the Concretes, the Dodos, Scout Niblett and a now beardless Devendra Banhart all pay homage to the Connecticut songwriter, with Bloom providing originals on the second disc of this double-CD set.

To give a bit of history, Bloom has been penning bewitching little folk ditties since the mid-'70s, eventually going on to make six highly collectable albums with avant-garde guitarist Loren Mazzacane Connors in the '80s. However, it's been in recent years that Bloom has really began getting attention, with the songwriter lending her track "Come Here" to the Richard Linklater film Before Sunrise and sharing high-profile bills with artists like Red House Painter/Sun Kil Moon man Mark Kozelek (whose cover of "Finally" also appeared on his recent Finally LP).

The tribute album was compiled by Chapter's Guy Blackman and Will Oldham co-conspirator/San Francisco filmmaker Caveh Zahedi, who both spent over two years pulling together Loving Takes This Course. And if you check out the tracklisting below, you'll see they followed the same track order on the covers disc as the originals, meaning you can easily check if the celeb artists nailed Bloom's tracks or simply butchered them.

Loving Takes This Course is due out April 7. Here is the tracklisting:

Disc one, the covers:

1. Marble Sounds: "Come Here"
2. Bill Callahan: "The Breeze/My Baby Cries" 3. Laura Jean: "When I See You"
4. Mark Kozelek: "Finally"
5. Mick Turner and Peggy Frew: "Window"
6. Devendra Banhart: "Forget About Him"
7. Scout Niblett: "I Wanna Love"
8. The Dodos: "Biggest Light of All"
9. Josephine Foster: "Look at Me"
10. Mia Doi Todd: "Ready or Not"
11. Corrina Repp: "Fall Again"
12. Marianne Dissard and Joey Burns of Calexico: "It's So Hard to Come Home"
13. Amy Rude: "In Your School"
14. Tom Hanford: "If This Journey"
15. Meg Baird of Espers: "There Was a Boy"
16. The Concretes: "Come Here"

Disc two, the originals:

1. "Come Here"
2. "The Breeze/My Baby Cries"
3. "When I See You"
4. "Finally"
5. "Window"
6. "Forget About Him"
7. "I Wanna Love"
8. "Biggest Light of All"
9. "Look at Me"
10. "Ready or Not"
11. "Fall Again"
12. "It's So Hard to Come Home"
13. "In Your School"
14. "If This Journey"
15. "There Was a Boy"
16. "Come Here"

Kath Bloom "Come Here"