Bill Callahan "Baby's Breath"

Bill Callahan 'Baby's Breath'
Being just under a month away from Bill Callahan's seemingly wagon-trail-inspired new album, Apocalypse, we were starting to get worried that we weren't going to get a sneak peek of what's to come. Thankfully, Drag City, who will be issuing the set on April 19, has now given us a download of the brooding "Baby's Breath."

The track kicks off with a rustic, finger-picked acoustic melody that complements the former Smog man's low-rolling baritone. The tune tells the tale of a man's recent discovery and subsequent settling on a plot of land, struggling with memories of lost love while gardening on his property.

"She was not a weed, she was a flower," he says stately on the number. The tune itself uncomfortably shifts its meter throughout, at times crawling through mucky blues licks while at others the acoustic guitar is accompanied by screaming, warbled six-string licks and hard chooglin' beats. It's a heady one, for sure.

You can download the cut here, courtesy of Drag City.