Bilal "Levels" (video) (directed by Flying Lotus)

Bilal 'Levels' (video) (directed by Flying Lotus)
This Flying Lotus-directed clip for Bilal's "Levels" proves the California artist's filmmaking skills are just as tripped out as his skittered beatsmithing. Amidst a score of watery West Coast synths and clicky electronic drum beats, Flying Lotus floods the clip with always evolving geometric landscapes and a cast of characters that can only be described as "eccentric." One guy rocks a bass and an Indian headdress while cascading through the cosmos.

As for Bilal himself, the clip finds the spaced-out neo-soul singer wages a war with an anthropomorphic lava lamp. Half the vid has the vocalist shooting lasers out of his hands, the other staring at the camera while letting out his out-of-this-world falsetto coo. It's an epic, kaleidoscopic space jam like none other, so prepare to have your minds blown.

The Sounds of VTech / Bilal Levels