Bikini Kill to Launch Reissue Campaign

Bikini Kill to Launch Reissue Campaign
It's been over 20 years since '90s punk greats Bikini Kill released their demo tape, which led to some equally excellent singles and a few LPs before the quartet imploded in 1998. Though defunct, the band members of the then Olympia-based riot grrrl outfit have announced they're celebrating their past with an upcoming reissue campaign.

Bikini Kill delivered the news on their website, explaining that they'll be delivering the reissues one by one through their newly minted Bikini Kill Records. Save for a self-released demo and a late-era split seven-inch with Team Dresch on Bandana Bonnot, the group's back catalogue was originally issued by Kill Rock Stars.

While a release date has yet been set in stone, Bikini Kill asserted that their 1992 self-titled EP will be repressed sometime in the fall. It's unclear at this point whether it will be issued on LP, CD or both. Along with the group's other releases, the Bikini Kill EP is currently available via online retailers.

"We also plan to re-release our original demo tape, which contains songs that were previously unavailable and/or hard to find on vinyl & CD," the act added, though the timeline for that re-release was not given.

It stands to reason that the represses will include some extra goodies, as the group admitted they're combing their archives for "photographs, practice tapes, live recordings, unreleased songs, films, video, writing, interviews, zines and flyers." More info should no doubt pop up sometime soon.