Biipiigwan Something for Everyone, Nothing for Anyone

BiipiigwanSomething for Everyone, Nothing for Anyone
Noisy, sludgy and drenched with sharp, meaty textures, the latest full-length from Ottawa, ON-based devastators Biipiigwan has all the torque fans were expecting. Although they released grindingly aggressive EP Nibaak in March of 2012, they haven't released a full-length since 2010's God's Hooks. Happily, with Something for Everyone, Nothing for Anyone, the wait has certainly been worthwhile. Once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts), the sound is at once rippling, with subtle layers, and mercilessly thick and punishing. It's much like being hit with a thick rubber strap inlaid with broken glass, but care and concern have been taken to craft the pattern and precise sharpness. The drumming, courtesy of Steve Vargas (the Great Sabatini), is full of drive; it's both the muscle moving the vehicle and the hand holding the whip. Complementing the excellent pacing and energy are some great, gripping riff structures, especially on "Nishkaak" and "Serf USA." Itchy and unsettled one moment, roaring and full of rage the next, Something for Everyone, Nothing for Anyone is as violent and varied as the title suggests. (Independent)