Big Wild Invincible

Big WildInvincible
In 2015, Big Wild (aka Jackson Stell) released "Aftergold," a track his name's become synonymous with (it could easily have been touted as the song of the summer). It caught the attention of duo Odesza, prompting an invitation to join them on tour and pretty much securing Big Wild's rise in the world of atmospheric electronic music. Jump ahead to 2017, and he's now released the Invincible EP, his first official collection of work as Big Wild. Fans might be looking for another standout banger comparable to the former, and by all accounts, the EP is rife with them.
Critics have been lauding title track and first single "Invincible" as being distinctly his own: lush and soaring, lithe chimes crowded out by fat brass on the chorus, hits of keys and burgeoning strings filling the in-between and the punch of iDA HAWK's vocals atop it all. The track is good — really good — but second single "I Just Wanna" throws down like no other, its slow, thick beat, chopped, repetitive vocals, blown-out synth breakdown and piano flourishes making it impossible to overlook.
Save for a bit of a lull on the less-than-engaging "Crickets," Invincible hits the mark as a first release. (Foreign Family Collective)