Big Dick "Let Down"

Big Dick "Let Down"
Ottawa duo Big Dick are set to unleash their second LP Disappointment next month, and to preface the occasion, they've shared the first track "Let Down."
If you hadn't guessed from the song and album titles, the forthcoming record "serves as an anthemic celebration of failure and inquietude." Propelled by bass, drums and back-and-forth vocals, Big Dick manage to deliver a noisy post-hardcore punk sound, while maintaining a clear sense of melody.
"Let Down" is a fast and furious aural assault, and although it clocks in at just under two minutes, that seems to be more than enough time for the two-piece to get across the message that, "I'm a let down" — even though the song is anything but.
Disappointment arrives on February 24 via Dirt Cult Records. Give "Let Down" a listen below.

Big Dick will also be playing a release show on February 13 at House of TARG in Ottawa with Famines.