Big Dick


Big DickDisappointment
Drum/bass combo Big Dick have quickly risen to become a favourite among the local music faithful in Ottawa, not only for their absurd band name (taken from a NoMeansNo track of the same title), but primarily for their melodic, dual-vocalist post-punk intensity. With their sophomore effort Disappointment, bassist Johnny O and drummer Dave Secretary don't stray terribly far from the formula that caught the attention of listeners two years prior on their self-titled debut. But the furious sonic assault over the record's half-hour stay makes their second full-length far from a boring repeat.
Opting to halve their song lengths and dial back the more polished production of past records, Disappointment's rougher approach to recording suits the duo's style well. From the simple two-note drive of "Let Down" to challenging tempos and time signatures on "Another Minute" and "God's Teeth," thick bass guitar riffs and crashing drums create an infectious energy beneath the production grit. As a record described as an "anthemic celebration of failure and inquietude" should have, the group's two-man vocal attack continues to be a strong suit, whether in their well-executed harmonies or their memorable vocal hooks ("On and On," "Out on a Limb"). Package these strengths together and you have a pretty formidable second album. (Dirt Cult Records)
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