Big Boi Starts Kids Label with His 16-Year-Old Daughter

Big Boi Starts Kids Label with His 16-Year-Old Daughter
Antwan Patton (aka Big Boi) isn't like most dads. Because, really, how many fathers release rap albums as awesome as last year's beloved Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty? Now, the Outkast member has given his daughter Jordan a generous present: her own record label.

Speaking with Billboard, the rapper explained, "My daughter just turned 16 years old, and you can see it on MTV's [My Super Sweet 16], where they get cars, and things that depreciate and just don't mean nothing. I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label."

Most dads would give their daughter a puppy as a gift to nurture, but we're going to say that this is a little cooler. And we'd also like to point out that a label is hardly immune to depreciating in value, right, Warner?

The new imprint is called Purple Kidz, and it will feature a roster of younger artists. Its name is likely inspired by Big Boi's label, Purple Ribbon Records. Purple Kidz has already announced its first signing: 12-year-old singer Gabbie Rae. See her recent video below.

Expect more material from Big Boi soon. He's been hard at word on his new album, Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader, and recently announced collaborations with Owl City and Modest Mouse.