Big Boi: Outkast Reunion to Happen... Eventually

Big Boi: Outkast Reunion to Happen... Eventually
As great as it was to hear Big Boi spitting solo on his recent Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty, hip-hop fans must feel a little heavy-hearted. The Atlanta rapper is still on fire after all these years, but considering reports that 2010 was also to include a solo set from brother-in-arms Andre 3000 and a disc that finally reestablished the Outkast brand, Big Boi's contributions to the game seem like only part of a bigger puzzle.

A report from Undercover gives us some good news in that the pair actually have been spending time together in the studio. The bad news, however, is that record label politics are barring us from hearing these tracks, for now, at least.

"[Andre 3000 and I] cut a couple of songs that were supposed to be on the album [Sir Lucious Leftfoot]," Big Boi told Undercover. "One being 'Royal Flush' and another one being 'Looking for You,' and due to labels, they weren't able to make it on the record, but as a producer they couldn't tell, so he still appeared as a producer and you know, that's my partner so any input that he had is definitely welcome."

The MC still has hope that Andre 3000's disc will drop sometime soon, and insists a proper Outkast will be delivered eventually.

In the meantime, Big Boi is hardly resting on his laurels. Though still promoting Sir Lucious Leftfoot, he already has plans for its follow-up. While he's currently on tour, the rapper notes that he's six song deeps into the equally bizarrely titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader. Expect it sometime in the future, but hopefully after the Dre and Outkast albums, respectively.