Big Audio Dynamite E=MC2

Performing at London’s Town and Country Club just after the release of 1991’s The Globe, this DVD captures Big Audio Dynamite II at their very inception, immediately following Mick Jones’s disbanding of the first Big Audio Dynamite and the creation of this totally new group. Performing a few too many songs from The Globe and not enough from This is Big Audio Dynamite, or a single song from No. 10, Upping St., the band still sound great, as Jones hadn’t yet quite descended into the utter repetitive weirdness that would mark that’s band’s third and fourth incarnations. Songs like "Medicine Show” and "Other 99” sound fantastic, and the integration of samples into their live show doesn’t sound at all like the cliché it can sometimes be today. Mick Jones sounds great, and the rest of the band match him, but the fact remains that this just isn’t the band’s best era. (MVD)