Bid to Rename 'Paul's Boutique' Street Corner After Beastie Boys Rejected

Bid to Rename 'Paul's Boutique' Street Corner After Beastie Boys Rejected
Beastie Boys fans may be able to take their kids to Brooklyn's Adam Yauch Park, but a similar-minded bid to have the New York street corner shown on the cover of Paul's Boutique rechristened "Beastie Boys Square" has been rejected by a local community board.

While LeRoy McCarthy had collected signatures in support of his plan to rename the Lower East Side street corner in honour of the hip-hop group, a January 14 meeting had Community Board 3 rejecting the proposal in a vote of 24 to 1. Furthermore, they banned McCarthy, who was also responsible for a similar bid to have a Brooklyn street corner named "Christopher Wallace Way" to honour the late Notorious B.I.G., from reapplying for street corner namings for five years.

The reason for the denial was apparently due to the Beastie Boys not meeting the requirements for the honour, which state that an honoree must be deceased and that they have given 15 years of service to the specific area. The band's Adam Yauch (a.k.a. MCA) passed away in 2012.

"My decision was based on the fact that it did not meet the criteria and the fact that previously our most recent group of co-namings held each application to the high standard of meeting every single criteria we set out for co-namings," board chair Gigi Li told DNA Info [via Pitchfork].

Interestingly, McCarthy was not present at the meeting because he felt he had withdrawn his application for the time being, feeling that it would have not gone to vote. He believed that it would have been given another chance in a February meeting and had been collecting more signatures in support of the bid.

"Once again I was blindsided and not given the opportunity to present the full material they [CB3] requested," he said, adding, "They did not given me a chance to be heard at the committee, which was the arrangement that had been made."

News of the plan surfaced last year via an online petition, which was asking for the intersection of Manhattan's Ludlow Street and Rivington Street to be rechristened "Beastie Boys Square" in order to honour the groundbreaking LP and "the vibrancy of the ever-changing life on the streets of NYC."