The Bicycles 'Young Drones' (album stream)

The Bicycles 'Young Drones' (album stream)
After being on hiatus for a few years, the Bicycles returned last year with Stop Thinking So Much, and now the revived Toronto pop band have shared a new project: a rock opera called Young Drones.

The stage production for Toronto's SummerWorks will be performed at the Lower Ossington Theatre this week from August 14 to 17. It features songs by the Bicycles and was written by Maggie MacDonald (of the Hidden Cameras). The production also includes so-called "live performance animation" by Amy Siegel and is being billed as a "graphic novel rock opera."

Aside from the live performances, the songs are being released as an album. This isn't your average "rock opera" in that its light on drama, instead highlighting easygoing pop-rock tunes with harmonized melodies, chiming guitars and washes of synths, with a few instrumentals amidst the 16 tracks.

Listen to the full record below.

Young Drones is about two UAVs who are designed to protect oil but end up rebelling against their creators and shaping their own future. Check out the Facebook event here. The album will be sold as a limited run of cassettes (with a download code) at the shows via Fuzzy Logic Recordings.

You can buy tickets to the show here.