Beyoncé's Self-Titled Album to Receive Vinyl Pressing?

Beyoncé's Self-Titled Album to Receive Vinyl Pressing?
Beyoncé's new self-titled record originally came out as a unique digital-only "visual album," but soon it as if the record will be available in a more traditional format thanks to an impending vinyl release.

A vinyl version of the album in listed on German retailer, Modern Vinyl points out. According to the listing, the 14 tracks are split across two LPs, with the pressing limited to 1,000 copies. It's due to arrive on February 28.

Interestingly, assuming that the listing is correct, some of the songs seemed to have been rearranged, with "Rocket" and the Frank Ocean-featuring "Superpower" moved up to the album's first half and "Partition" moved back. See the tracklist, as it's listed here, below. lists Columbia as the record label, but it's entirely possible this may be a bootleg. Certainly, this wouldn't be the first recent hip-hop or R&B album to get a vinyl bootleg, since Drake's Nothing Was the Same and a Frank Ocean rarities collection both got a similar treatment.


A1. Pretty Hurts
A2. Haunted
A3. Drunk In Love (ft. Jay-Z)
B1. Blow
B2. Superpower (ft. Frank Ocean)
B3. Rocket
C1. No Angel
C2. Jealous
C3. Mine (ft. Drake)
C4. ***Flawless (ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
D1. Partition
D2. XO
D3. Heaven
D4. Blue