Beyoncé "Yoncé" (video)

Beyoncé 'Yoncé' (video)
Yet another video packaged in Beyoncé's new self-titled "visual album" has hit the public, and this time it's the street-stompin' dance sesh tied to commanding club quickie "Yoncé."

Set outdoors in a Brooklyn neighbourhood, the clip has a cigar-chompin' Bey and a handful of models practising dip-heavy moves along a brick backdrop and spitting out lines through golden grills. The shoot soon moves, however, to a flashy catwalk.

According to an interview earlier this month in NY Mag, director Ricky Saiz took influence from George Michael's supermodel-showcasing "Freedom '90" video. Judging by the Queen Bee's slap-happy dance along that brick wall, it's possible they all sat around and watched Britt Ekland's NSFW dance from the original Wicker Man as well.