Beyoncé "Mine" (ft. Drake) (video)

Beyoncé 'Mine' (ft. Drake) (video)
Anyone that's picked up Beyoncé's recent self-titled "visual album" has been treated to a series of 17 accompanying videos, but for the rest of us, the clips have been unfurling at a slower, though steady pace. Up next is an arty clip supporting the romantic Drake team-up "Mine."

The front end of the vid finds Bey talking break-ups, make-ups and more while cradling a statuesque ivory-pain-coated figure and surrounded by a group of interpretive dancers in flowing costumes. As soon as the clubbier part of the composition kicks in, the party bounces to the beach, where dudes in pulled-up tees share screen time with other manic movers, the Queen Bee and a good-girl seeking Drizzy.

You'll find said poetry in motion down below.