Beyoncé "Drunk in Love" (ft. Jay Z) (video)

Beyoncé 'Drunk in Love' (ft. Jay Z) (video)
Beyoncé surprised us all last week by slinking her new self-titled "visual album" into the iTunes store, with each of its tracks getting the video treatment. In case you haven't grabbed the Queen B's multi-media experience just yet, you can soak in the sudsy beach visuals of "Drunk in Love" pro bono starting now.

Here, Beyoncé decides to head for a tipsy midnight stroll along the coast with her favourite beauty pageant trophy before rolling in the waves for a dance routine. After rifling off some racy lines about riding a surfboard in a bathtub, she's joined by big daddy Jay Z, who brings bars about his Bad Bey to the beach with a glass of booze in hand.

You can peep the pair, apparently drunk on more than love, do their thing down below.