Beyoncé Turned Down a Coldplay Collaboration Called "Hook Up"

Beyoncé Turned Down a Coldplay Collaboration Called "Hook Up"
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Beyoncé may be best buds, but it's pretty clear who wears the pants — well, okay, the studded leather onesie — in the relationship. After totally upstaging Coldplay's Super Bowl halftime show performance with her cameo, Bey dropped a world tour announcement.
And as some may remember from a time before the "Formation" video was unleashed upon the world, Bey and Coldplay collaborated on "Hymn for the Weekend" — but it's now been revealed that it wasn't the only potential musical pair-up between the two.
In a new Rolling Stone cover story, Martin has admitted that Queen Bey rejected another proposed collaboration titled "Hook Up." After hearing it in the studio, she "turned it down in the sweetest possible way," telling Martin: "I really like you – but this is awful."
Bey's not the only one who recently rejected a collaborative track with Coldplay; the late David Bowie once turned down an offer to cut a track with Martin and co. because it "was not a very good song."
"Hook Up" may be the best thing we never had, but if Bey thought it was worse than "Hymn for the Weekend," it's probably best left on the cutting room floor.