Beyoncé Inspires New Marvel Comic Cover

Beyoncé Inspires New Marvel Comic Cover
Once again, comics giant Marvel is crossing over into the world of music, this time with a new Beyoncé-themed cover.

The new cover comes as a tribute to her "Formation" video and was done by illustrator Joe Quinones, whose creation you can see above. His cover will adorn a new issue of America and features Marvel superhero America Chavez, a queer Latina hero who's part of the Young Avengers. The comic is due out in April and was written by Gabby Rivera.

Speaking to Mic, Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said the new comic "puts an explanation point on the rich and diverse characters within the Marvel Universe.... In America, the former Young Avenger stands resolute against an oncoming alien horde all while managing her social life and trying to attend various classes on other worlds."

This latest Beyoncé tribute follows in a long line of Marvel covers inspired by the rap and R&B world.

Revisit the "Formation"video below.