Best Coast Release Official Statement About Ali Koehler's Departure

Best Coast Release Official Statement About Ali Koehler's Departure
Last week, we reported that former Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler was now a former Best Coast member, as she was allegedly booted from the group. Now, however, Best Coast have made things even worse by issuing a statement that suggests Koehler was never actually a member of the band.

The band's Bethany Cosentino took to their Facebook page to clear the air with the following statement:

It seems there have been some misunderstandings surrounding the departure of Ali from the band. Best Coast has and always will be Bobb and I. No matter who has joined the band on tour, whatever lineup ensues, the band is simply the two of us. That said, these past two years have been full of nothing but the greatest of memorable adventures and I am so grateful that my friend Ali was a part of them when we were on tour.

As we enter into a new chapter and record for the band, we can't wait to share all of the new songs Bobb and I are working really hard on with all of you.

Thank you to all of our fans for supporting us. We are looking forward to experiencing our second record with you soon!

The statement was met with some pretty intense comments, including statements like "You are a mean girl, you are cold, hard plastic" and a straight-up Mean Girls quote. In an effort to keep things cool, however, Cosentino later added, "One last thing: For those of you who are assuming things, Ali was informed 2 months ago that our live lineup was changing. There is no bad blood between any of us."