Best Coast and I Can Has Cheezburger Team Up for Kitty Caption Contest

Best Coast and I Can Has Cheezburger Team Up for Kitty Caption Contest
It's no secret that Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino loves her cat Snacks. Followers of Cosentino's blog have seen pictures of the pretty kitty for quite some time, and most fans will recognize the feline as the cover star of Best Coast's debut album Crazy for You. There's even a song about the cat on there.

Now, in one of the most bizarre crossover promotions in recent memory, the musician has now teamed up with cutesy kitty caption website I Can Has Cheezburger to further celebrate her pet.

The pair have announced a contest to caption a picture of Snacks. The photo in question, which you can see here, finds the little muffin chilling out on a bed, sporting an ugly-ass purple and turquoise baseball hat.

The winning contestant will receive a boatload of Best Coast merchandise, including T-shirts, records, signed posters and the opportunity to meet Cosentino and her boyfriend, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams, on their upcoming joint tour.

If we're lucky, maybe they will throw in some special Wavves merch too. Just imagine opening your prize package and having your own kitty come up to you with the question: "I can has weed grinder?"

You can check out all the rules and regulations, as well as the prizes, here.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.