Bernhard Gal / Kai Fagaschinski Going Round in Serpentines

When the Pierres (Henry and Schaeffer of musique concrète fame) made everyday sounds musical, they were composing the "regular” way using pitches, harmony, the usual stuff, etc. Then came Luc Ferrari and the game changed. With his Presque Rien, sounds were rendered simply as sounds, and aural living itself became music. Composer/laptop-ist Bernhard Gal and clarinetist Kai Fagaschinski collaborate to make three extended, untitled pieces that are both musical and "sonic.” A period of mutual experimentation and introspection resulted in a recording that reflects both artists’ deep listening ability and their intuitive structuring skills. Gal has the uncanny ability to make mundane noises like pool balls profoundly percussive. Fagaschinski eschews pitches and melody on the clarinet for rich multi-phonics that moans and mesmerises. Going Round in Serpentines is the product of sophisticated architectural intelligence, discerning auditory awareness and meditational focus. They all combine to make a soundscape that gently unveils itself with naturalness, grace and a sense of mystery and wonder at the unfolding of sound in time and space. This is music as revelation. Recommended. (Charhizma)