Bentley Rhythm Ace For Your Ears Only

The genre known as big beat thankfully died with the last single by Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook). Leaning more towards a house-friendly future, Cook proclaimed that "big beat is dead." Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the boys in Bentley Rhythm Ace that no one's making silly big beat albums made for car commercials anymore. BRA are a duo (Mike Stokes and Richard March) who in 1997 released one of the oddest sounding dance records of the '90s. Complete with song titles like "Return Of The Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow" and "Spy Who Loved Moose," the record was a hilarious look at how far two guys could take dance music before someone could hurt themselves on the dance floor. For Your Ears Only, their second record, which took over three years, is not much different - in fact, it is practically the same record. While "Theme From 'Gutbuster'" and "How'd I Do Dat?" are fantastically stupid and perfect for those who need an entire dance floor to display their talents , their really isn't much of a saving grace here. The Chemical Brothers chose to go psychedelia. Fatboy Slim has chosen house music. BRA need to latch on to some other genre. Polka maybe? They seem perfect for that. (EMI)