Benga & Coki "Night"

Benga & Coki 'Night'
Trusted online retailers Sounds of the Universe and Rough Trade respectively describe this as "THE BIGGEST DUBSTEP TUNE OF THE YEAR!!!!” and "without any question, this is the dubstep anthem of 2007,” while everyone from Hot Chip to Gilles Peterson to Mary Anne Hobbs are obsessed with spinning it. This collaboration between Beni "Benga” Uthman (pictured) and Coki (a member of Digital Mystikz, whose "Anti War Dub” you may have heard during Children of Men) is getting non-stop love — so much that if you search for the twelve-inch online you’ll likely only see notices saying "out of stock.” The remedy for those anticipating Burial’s follow-up, Untrue (out today, no less), this joint not only gives dubstep another anthem to celebrate, but it also elevates Benga’s reputation as one of the scene’s top names, and puts him in a nice spot for the forthcoming release of his album, Diary of an Afro Warrior. Though it’s fairly minimal in its first impression, the synth melody is as catchy as they come, punching its repetitive hook into your noggin, while the bass stutters and slides and the snares and cowbell snap and clatter with hypnotic force. A radio-ripped remix featuring Dizzee Rascal (included below) transforms the cut into a whole new beast, injecting the rhythm with a grimier energy and, depending on your tastes, either enhances or spoils Benga & Coki’s original. (Personally, it feels a little imposing to me.) Also check out Benga’s "Emotion” on the b-side to see a surprisingly clubbier, almost house-like twist on the dubstep pattern, which shows the producer may just have more in him than just dubstep's mesmeric bleakness.

Note: apologies for not including the entire track. It’s unavailable in full obviously because the label Tempa realises this thing is hot and is actually looking to sell copies. Makes sense. Go buy one!

Benga & Coki "Night” (sample)

Benga & Coki "Night” (Remix featuring Dizzee Rascal)