Bend Sinister To Release New Album

Bend Sinister To Release New Album
Vancouver’s Bend Sinister are one of those bands that are hard to pin down. Part prog, part pop and all rock’n’roll, the quintet have spent a lot of time touring with Canadian institutions like Hot Hot Heat, You Say Party! We Say Die! and Ladyhawk. But before you write them off as another West coast "beard rock” experiment, catch this: they’ve just signed to Toronto’s Distort Entertainment, home of Cancer Bats, Alexisonfire and the End.

Having released their debut EP last year, BS are gearing up for the release of their debut album this fall. Titled Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, the record is due on October 21.

Regarding the full-length, the band posted this message on their MySpace blog:

So, over 3 years in the making we are finally unveilling our 14 song concept album STORIES OF BROTHERS, TALES OF LOVERS this october 21st. We started recording in february but the idea and songs have stemmed from the very day we finished THROUGH THE BROKEN CITY in 2005. I've alway been a huge fan of listening to albums as a whole, and i really wanted to have that experience mean something relevant today, instead of just a couple singles on an otherwise mediocre record. Stories/Tales achieves this experience and is also the most diverse and experimentitive record we've done to date. We are exceptionally happy to share it with you all!

Doesn’t sound like there will be too many break-downs or hammer-ons…

Bend Sinister are currently booking shows for a Western Canadian tour in November.

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