Ben + Vesper Return with HONORS, Tap Sufjan Stevens, Danielson to Guest

Ben + Vesper Return with <i>HONORS</i>, Tap Sufjan Stevens, Danielson to Guest
Husband and wife team Ben and Vesper Stamper have drawn some positive attention with their knack for off-kilter, well-crafted, oddball pop songs. Performing simply as Ben + Vesper, the long-married couple first hit our radar when they released More Questions and All This Could Kill You in 2007. Now, they will return with a new full-length.

 The album is called HONORS and, as always, the duo recorded it with the help of some friends. The record was produced by Danielson's Daniel Smith, while new recruits Joshua Stamper, John Mosloskie and Steve Oyola round out the duo's backing band. A press release explains that "Sufjan Stevens also plays a formative role with his exquisite piano work, defining key moments throughout."

The press release goes on to describe HONORS as a batch of "peppy, freak-pop arrangements that could as easily lead you into the rolling waters of Broadway psychedelia and twisted allusions to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem."

Sounds Familyre will release HONORS on January 25. Album track "My Father's Eyes" can be downloaded here. Earlier this year, the band released LuvInIdleness, a five-song collaboration with Sufjan Stevens.


 1. "Adult vAcA"

2. "My Father's Eyes"

3. "Knee-Hi Wall"

4. "Find Your Friend"

5. "Holly Home?"

6. "How You Are"

7. "Cheer up, Cheers!"

8. "Sugar Song"

9. "Consubstantiation"

10. "All Is Forgiven"

11. "Understruggle; Yay, Win"

12. "HONORS"