Ben Klock / Various Berghain 04

Ben Klock  / Various Berghain 04
Currently, few labels have been lucky enough to reach the coveted "buy on sight" reputation; Berghain's Ostgut Ton, however, has unquestionably attained such status. As the mystique surrounding Berlin's Berghain club grows exponentially with time's passage, and the music being released by Ostgut Ton continues to fascinate fans from all corners of the globe, Berghain has yet again released a DJ mix that's one for the ages. Mixed by contemporary techno's frontman, Ben Klock, Berghain 04 delivers a captivating array of stripped down, pounding techno grooves strung together with the immaculate detail and perfection we've come to expect from Berlin's finest. Exclusive offerings from the likes of Martyn, Kevin Gorman and James Ruskin lend Berghain 04 a chic aesthetic that satisfies chin scratchers the world over. Klock's ability to make relatively dull tracks shine with his uncanny sense of programming is amazing and expertly places them in the context of a fascinating bigger picture. (Ostgut Ton)